Concerti Bizarri: IBO/Monica Huggett

Concerti Bizarri: IBO/Monica Huggett

Programme Notes

We offer an exotic selection of concertos from the 17th century, arising from a period of exceptional music making in Germany. Experience the intriguing and intricate music of Graupner, Telemann and Fasch…with a little Vivaldi for balance!

Ticket Prices:

Fri 25 Sept: €15

Sat 26 Sept: €18/15

Sun 27 Sept: €20/16

Monica HuggettIBO Artistic Director

Concert Dates and Venues

25 September 2015, St Peter's Church, Bandon, Co. Cork
26 September 2015, The Model, Sligo
27 September 2015, Newman University Church, Dublin


FASCH: Concerto in B minor for Flute and Oboe FaWVL;h1
TELEMANN: Concerto for two violins and bassoon in D major
HEINICHEN: Oboe Concerto in G minor
GRAUPNER: Bassoon Concerto in C GWV 301
FASCH: Concerto for 2 oboe da caccia 2 violas 2 bassoons and BC
VIVALDI: Concerto for two cellos in G
GRAUPNER: Concerto in G for oboe d'amore viola d'amore and flute d'amore GWV 333