Italian Revolutionaries: IBOCS/Pavlo Beznosiuk

Italian Revolutionaries: IBOCS/Pavlo Beznosiuk

Programme Notes

Some of the most transformative and revolutionary developments in the history of music took place in the early part of the 17th century, with a revival of florid and sophisticated art. Our February project features rare instruments such as cornetto, and rarely heard music such as improvised divisions on madrigals and ground bass – with music by Marini, Castello, Frescobaldi and more.  For this project, the IBO’s chamber soloists are joined by Paula Chateauneuf (theorbo), Josue Melendez (cornetto) and Jamie Savan (cornetto), led by guest director Pavlo Beznosiuk.

Ticket Prices:

Fri 5 Feb Limerick €15/10

Sat 6 Feb Kilkenny €15/10

Sun 7 Feb Dublin €20/16

Pavlo BeznosiukGuest Director

Concert Dates and Venues

5 February 2016, St Mary's Cathedral, Limerick
6 February 2016, Castalia Hall, Callan, Co. Kilkenny
7 February 2016, Newman University Church, Stephens Green, Dublin


Giovanni Gabrieli (ca 1555-1612) : Canzonae e Sonatae 1615 [8'] Canzona 1 a 5 Canzona 4 a 6
Dario Castello ( ca 1590-1658): Sonata X Book 2
Palestrina: Improvised violin divisions on Anchor Ch Co'l Partire
Salamone Rossi (ca 1570-1630): Sonata 4 Sopra L'Aria Di Ruggiero
Alessandro Piccinini (1566-1638): Toccata for solo Theorbo
Francesco Rognoni on Susanne un Jour: Improvised divisions on Susanne un Jour for Bass and Theorbo
Giovanni Battista Fontana (1571-1630): Sonata 13
Biagio Marini  (1594-1663): Passemezzo Concertato
Giovanni Battista Buonamente (1595-1642): Sonata for 4 violins from Libro Sesto de Varie Sonate 1636
Giovanni Croce (1557-1609): Veni in Hortum Meum
Buonamente: Sonata 5 book 4 on "Poi Che Noi Rimena"
Tarquinio Merula (1594/5-1665): Capriccio Cromatica
G. B. Fontana: Sonata 11
Castello: Sonata 16 Book 2
Marco Uccellini (1603-1680): Sinfonia XI , Corrente X, Corrente XV, Corrente XIII Corrente XIV, Corrente XI Corrente X Corrente XV Corrente XIII Corrente XIV Corrente XI