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Side view of Anita Vedres walking with her violin in a banjo position, against a blue backdrop.

Anita Vedres was born in Dublin into a musical family. Her mother an Irish violinist and her father a Hungarian trumpeter, both were members of the National Symphony Orchestra. She studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and in Utrechts Musik Conservatorium. She was a member of the Irish Chamber Orchestra for years which she left in 2001 for family reasons. It was around this time she discovered her passion for baroque violin and historically informed performance practice, and became a founder member of the Irish Baroque Orchestra. Studying with the renowned Swiss baroque violinist Maya Homburger, she earned a Masters’ degree in professional studies at the Cork school of Music with first-class honours. 

Her commitment to chamber music involves her with many small ensembles and she was a founder member of baroque ensembles Eidola Trio, Armoniosa and Trio Quattro exploring repertoire ranging from the early seventeenth century to newly composed works. 

She continues to work with all the orchestras here in Ireland, the Irish Chamber Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra, RTÉ Concert Orchestra, Irish National Opera, and enjoys an eclectic and diverse career.

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