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"The year 2021 marked the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of Irish Baroque Orchestra, a milestone that the Company celebrated in November 2021 at the National Concert Hall, Dublin, with a complete cycle of Bach's Brandenburg concertos under the Artistic Direction of Peter Whelan, supported by Carol Grigor. The occasion was also marked by the publication of a new five-year strategy for the IBO—'Reimagining Our Culture'. 


Following the extraordinary circumstances of the previous eighteen months, and the unprecedented pressures which bore down especially hard upon the arts sector, IBO's 25th anniversary concert was a concert of great significance for everyone concerned—the organization, the members of the orchestra, and our audiences. This was a celebration not only of IBO's contribution to Irish musical life across the past quarter century, but also an expression of our undinted passion for live musical performance following the tragedy of the pandemic. It was a genuinely life-affirming moment, and a demonstration of the power of music to lift the spirit and let it soar. Everyone involved in helping IBO reach that moment has reason to be enormously proud of the achievement."

Click below to explore 'Chair's Report 2021', from IBO Chair Peter Crooks. 

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