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The IBO has undergone a rebirth over the last 12 months, following the launch of a new strategy. With an exciting reshaped mission and vision underpinning its artistic and educational programming, the orchestra has stepped into a new world which is asking bigger questions about our society, and seeking to address deep imbalances and injustices within the structures and hierarchies in place.


When the old ways of doing things are eroded and dismantled a space of potential is opened up; space to reimagine, redesign and rethink what we can do as an organisation, and how we can use our voice most effectively to serve those around us. Therein lies the opportunity for real change. 


The Irish Baroque Orchestra commits to being a part of this broader change by reflecting honestly on where the organisation currently stands, and setting commitments underscored by deliverable actions. This plan identifies barriers to accessing and participating in our work, and sets plans in place to address them. We commit to building a solid structural foundation on which future Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) action plans can further develop. 


We recognise that in order to create real change and impact, the commitments that we make must be meaningful and measurable. The EDI Plan 2022-2025, while containing many valuable goals and ambitions in and of itself, is also a first step towards the orchestra undertaking more targeted work in this area. We recognise that incremental change forms the larger building blocks through which real progress can be made. 


In 2025 the orchestra’s current strategy ‘Reimagining our Culture’ also comes to the end of its cycle, paving the way for future strategic plans to hold EDI planning at their core. Regular monitoring and review will ensure that the EDI Action Plan is an evolving document that maintains relevance during its lifetime, and acts as a launchpad for future growth and learning. 

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