IBO is committed to and adheres to the principles of good fundraising.  Our 2019 audited accounts and Constitution are available below.

The IBO also has a robust 'Dignity and Respect in the Workplace' policy, which is available here.


Chair of the Board Peter Crooks (appointed 9th October 2020)

Company Secretary Stuart Kinsella (appointed 20th April 2021)

Board Member Ciara Higgins (appointed 13th January 2021)

Artistic Director of Great Music in Irish Houses & Head of Artistic Programming at the Royal Irish Academy of Music

Board Member Oonah McCrann (appointed 24th July 2019)

Senior Counsel at the Law Library.

Oonah has a keen interest in music and particularly baroque music.

Board Member Isabella de Sabata (appointed March 22nd 2021)

Isabella is a freelance recording producer and troubleshooter, and a keen amateur singer in chamber choirs. 

2021 Board meeting dates are: 27/1/21, 31/3/21, 19/5/21, 28/7/21, 29/9/21 and 24/11/21

The Irish Baroque Orchestra will and does comply with the recommended guidelines for financial reporting. One member of the organisation is paid in the €40,000 - €50,000 remuneration band.

IBO Board Resolution