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For the past 25 years the Irish Baroque Orchestra has occupied a special place in Ireland’s rich arts landscape. Its voice is truly unique, offering a window to the sounds of the past, firing the imagination of audiences today and prompting deeper reflections on Ireland’s own classical music heritage.

This strategy sets out key priorities for the organisation as it moves into a new, transformational chapter of its development. Reflected in this ambitious document is the importance of the orchestra’s contribution to Ireland’s arts scene, and a sense of the potential for reimagining how it can use its voice. Whether entertaining live audiences, educating young people, inspiring digital followers or advocating for Irish classical music on an international stage, this strategy ensures that the organisation challenges the very definition of an orchestra and reframes it in a way that is dynamic, entertaining and inspiring as a historical ensemble for modern times. 

Click below to explore 'Reimagining our Culture: Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025'

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