Have you ever wanted to know more about the period instruments that make up the IBO, and the musicians that play them?


Our new 'Meet The Orchestra' series takes you behind the scenes. 

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Episode 1: Double Bass

Malachy Robinson introduces us to the double bass, turns into a one-man band and reminds us of a cigar advert from days gone by.

Episode 2: Baroque Horn

Anneke Scott introduces us to the natural horn, shows us the differences between the modern and baroque horn and tells us about being a musical 'gatecrasher'.

Episode 3: Baroque Viola 

Jordan Bowron introduces us to the baroque viola, shows us the differences between the modern and baroque versions of the instrument and tells us what it's like to play an instrument which has been on the receiving end of jokes for centuries.

Episode 4: Harpsichord

Malcolm Proud introduces us to the harpsichord, explains the mechanism of the instrument and shares music by Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.

Alex McCartney introduces us to the giraffe of the orchestra; the theorbo. We learn about its similarities and differences with the modern day guitar and hear a couple of improvisations. Step into this glorious sound world!

Episode 5: Theorbo
Episode 6 : Baroque Cello

Sarah McMahon introduces us to her baroque cello (made in the 1730s), tells us why she chose the instrument, and plays us an extract from one of Bach's cello suites.

Episode 7: Baroque Violin

Claire Duff (leader) shows us the differences between modern and baroque violins and their bows, tells us why she chose the violin and shares a part of one of Telemann's Fantasias for solo violin. 

Episode 8: The Trumpet

Darren Moore shows us the differences between a modern trumpet and the older form of the instrument, tells us how cake was a contributing factor to him learning the trumpet and shares part of a Handel aria with us.

Episode 9: Baroque Flute

In Episode 9 of our 'Meet the Orchestra' series Miriam Kaczor shows us the baroque flute, talks us through the different colours and timbres associated with various keys, and plays us a flurry of notes from a sonata by Thomas Roseingrave. 

Episode 10: Baroque Oboe

In Episode 10 of our 'Meet the Orchestra' series, Andreas Helm (principal oboe) shows us one of his many instruments, talks a little about how he came to be interested in historical performance and shows us his reed-making kit. You definitely wouldn't want to accidentally have that in your hand baggage for an airport security check! 

Episode 11: Baroque Bassoon

In Episode 11 of our 'Meet the Orchestra' series, Joe Qiu takes us into the rich, dark sound world of the baroque bassoon and shares one of his favourite moments from Bach's 'St John Passion' with us. 

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