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Mr Charles the Hungarian (Bruges)

11 August 2024 at 18:00:00

Concertgebouw Brugge, 't Zand, Bruges, Belgium

Mr Charles the Hungarian (Bruges)

Director Peter Whelan | Soloists Anneke Scott (horn), Miriam Kaczor (flute), Emma Black (oboe), Nicola Boud (chalumeau)

A famous French horn virtuoso in his days, the shadowy figure known only as ‘Mr Charles the Hungarian’ was an eccentric opportunist who travelled to Dublin in March 1742. A natural entrepreneur, he capitalized on the ‘Handelmania’ surrounding Handel’s residence in the city at the time, and produced a concert at the Smock Alley Theatre which consisted mainly of Handel’s music.
This programme recreates the programme and the bohemian atmosphere of the event, showcasing solos for various instruments, some of which had never been heard in Ireland before. Together with works by Hasse, Telemann and Bocchi, a performance of John Walsh’s early edition of Handel’s Water Music gives a perfect cross-section of this captivating moment in Dublin’s musical history.

Presented with generous support from Culture Ireland

Accessibility Concertgebouw Brugge (Concert Hall) In the entrance hall there is a counter allowing limited wheel chair access.
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