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IBO Infinity

We believe in the power of an orchestra as a tool for positive social change, through strong strategic partnerships that serve our wider society. 

IBO Infinity centralises the needs and voices of those under-represented in Ireland’s cultural scene, with a ground-breaking programme of social inclusion initiatives, building stronger communities through empowered individuals. 

Cushion Concerts

IBO’s Cushion Concerts are tailored for children from under-estimated communities, with a series of four short, interactive concerts designed to explore their creativity. 


Cushion Concerts are made available for free, in areas where there is a clearly identified need for music and culture. For some children this will be their first experience of accessing live music, setting the foundations for further discovery and enjoyment. 

Find details of upcoming Cushion Concerts on our 'What's On' page. 


The Resonate Project

In September 2024 the IBO will pilot The Resonate Project; a new music education initiative that sees 10 weeks of music lessons delivered at Our Lady of Victories Infant School in Ballymun, which has a DEIS Band 1 setting. 


Delivered by a workshop leader from the Magic of Music with IBO musicians, all pupils in the school receive one music lesson every week. In this context music becomes a tool for growth, empowerment and healing.  


Journeys of Change

From March 2024 the IBO will work with people on a journey from the justice system back into formal employment. 


Participants work with the IBO’s front of house and backstage teams at performance events, gaining valuable skills and experience, and taking forward a reference from the IBO on their journey. The IBO is proud to support this programme and work with participants in developing their skills. 


Refugee Workshops

In 2024 the Irish Baroque Orchestra works with refugee families in workshops celebrating place and heritage. Participants build teamwork skills and create their own work alongside musicians from the IBO. 


Build Stronger Communities

The Irish Baroque Orchestra is seeking partners for the IBO Infinity Corporate Alliance.

Maximise the reach of a small ESG investment, and work with us to change lives!

Contact us today for an information pack.

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