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For nearly 30 years the Irish Baroque Orchestra has occupied a special place in Ireland’s rich arts landscape. 


Our voice is truly unique, offering a window to the sounds of the past and firing the imagination of today’s audiences.


The orchestra continues to inspire and engage, sparking new conversations and prompting deeper reflections on Ireland's classical music heritage.

Our ambitions are strong, and our vision is bold. 


Now is the time for the Irish Baroque Orchestra to further develop our offerings and increase our impact - and it’s your support that will make this possible. 

The IBO's Irish heritage recordings reach around 16 million people internationally every year, through broadcast, streaming and download.

Jenna Raggett, 2022 Apprentice

"The Apprentice pathway has been one of the most fulfilling experiences for me as a violinist. We were warmly welcomed into the IBO family. My confidence as a player has transformed and I can’t wait to see what’s next!” 
“Cushion concerts are such a unique and fun way for children to be introduced to a new instrument and musical terms.  Very special to be hosted by talented musicians and great opportunity for kids to ask questions and hear new sounds. They loved it!” 

Your donations help to make our work possible

The IBO's work reaches audiences around the world - from community spaces in inner-city Dublin to the world's most prestigious concert halls. 

  • The IBO Infinity programme will launch in 2024, reaching communities across inner-city Dublin. 

  • New ticketing initiatives are building closer links with Dublin's refugee community and people recovering from addiction.

  • Our Apprentice Programme builds versatile musicians for the future, through a wide-ranging programme that develops their leadership and participation skills alongside high-level performance experience. 

Corporate Partnerships

Align with Excellence.

The Irish Baroque Orchestra has a creative mission and identity quite unlike any other organisation. We recognise that each company is unique, and that partnerships between two organisations need to be carefully shaped in order to be truly effective.


Strategic Investment - Real Change

The IBO welcomes approaches from philanthropists seeking:

  • to drive long-term change in Ireland's arts landscape

  • better outcomes in our society

Please contact the CEO, Aliye Cornish Moore on for a conversation.

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