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Bach 'St Matthew Passion'

2 March 2024 at 19:30:00

St Peter's Church of Ireland, Peter Street, Drogheda

Bach 'St Matthew Passion'

Director Peter Whelan | Evangelist Nick Pritchard
Irish Baroque Orchestra & Chorus

Performance at 7.30pm

Soloists Charlotte O'Hare, Aisling Kenny, Sinead O'Kelly, Laura Lamph, Hugo Hymas, Edward Woodhouse, Matthew Brook, William Gaunt.

The St Matthew Passion was composed in 1727 during Bach’s extraordinary Leipzig period, and has endured as a titan of the Baroque repertoire. A revival of the piece in 1829 by Felix Mendelssohn, describing it as “the greatest of all Christian works”, sparked a broader movement of interest in Bach’s music which has stood the test of time. This powerful and moving work is brought to life by the Irish Baroque Orchestra and Chorus, under the artistic direction of Peter Whelan.

For queries about accessibility, this performance is managed by the Droichead Arts Centre, who can be reached on 0419833946
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