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Vivaldi 'L'Olimpiade' (Fribourg - Show 1)

29 May 2024 at 18:30:00

Théâtre Equilibre, Place Jean Tinguely, Fribourg, Switzerland

Vivaldi 'L'Olimpiade' (Fribourg - Show 1)

Conductor Peter Whelan | Director Daisy Evans
Irish National Opera

Cast Gemma Ní Bhriain (Megacle), Meili Li (Licida), Alexandra Urquiola (Aristea), Sarah Richmond (Argene), Chuma Sijeqa (Clistene), Rachel Redmond (Aminta), Benjamin Russell (Alcandro)

Old partners, new partners, and a happy ending.

Four young people, one an Olympic champion. Tangled relationships. Forbidden love, twice over. An unsuccessful assassination. An execution avoided. And a royal father who has to accept his children as they are. ‘L’Olimpiade’ brims with opportunities for all seven characters, showing their personalities and feelings through arias that range from the explosive and almost instrumentally virtuosic, to the slow exploration of more tender thoughts.

Approximate running time: 3 hours (including interval). Sung in Italian with English subtitles.

For accessibility information please contact the theatre directly. Information in French or German is locatable on their website under 'Mobilité et Accessibilité'.
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