The Irish Baroque Orchestra is an ensemble like no other. Under the artistic direction of Peter Whelan, scholarship and musical excellence converge in a unique way through the group’s work. Through this integration of research and practice the very idea of an orchestra is defined afresh, providing an unusual and enriching experience for today’s audiences. EXPLORE

Reimagining our Culture

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'The Trials of Tenducci: A Castrato in Ireland' (Linn Records, March 2021)

Irish Baroque Orchestra, Tara Erraught, Peter Whelan

“Whelan handles the music with typically invigorating drive and, like the agile mezzo-soprano Tara Erraught, responds to the album’s classical treatment of Irish tunes without undue sentimentality. **** ” Michael Dervan, The Irish Times, March 2021


“There’s Mozart, there’s operatic virtuosity from the pen of Arne, and other relative obscurities, too. Refreshingly novel. **** ” 

Ken Walton, The Scotsman, March 2021

“This is an immensely appealing recording - a gripping story told with plenty of verve and style” Gramophone Magazine, Alexandra Coghlan, June 2021